Gaggia MD15 Coffee Grinder

R 3,495.00

A Revolutionary Espresso ...

Gaggia Milano is one of the most iconic Italian brands, which revolutionized the way we brew espresso. Way back in 1938, Achille Gaggia, the founder of Gaggia Milano developed a system to control the coffee extraction process with high precision, no longer using steam. It has since become the hallmark of Quality Italian espresso, characterized by the ever-so-notable soft layer of marvelous “crema naturale”. Further, thanks to tireless effort towards development, this espresso culture spread in coffee bars around the world really quickly. At present, the company, in sync with its unique history and values, offers a wide range of automatic and traditional coffee machines for both commercial or home use. It combines state-of-the-art technology, sophisticated design, and professional details to satisfy the needs of all espresso lovers. Now available in South Africa, celebrate the art of brewing a great cuppa coffee with Gaggia! 

A good coffee grinder is one of the greatest investments that you can make to your coffee journey. Not only will freshly ground coffee add layers of aromatic complexity to your coffee that you just cannot get with pre-ground coffee, but it will also give you the ability to tweak your grind settings and your brew to be just the way you like it. While many people opt to go for high-end manual grinders (that do an incredible job of grind consistency and offer a little more grind diversity), a lot of people just aren't in the mood to manually grind their coffee first thing in the morning. This is where the Gaggia MD15 Electric Home Coffee Grinder comes in.

The Gaggia MD15 Electric Home Coffee Grinder is our most affordable electric grinder. It uses a stainless steel conical burr set to produce a well distributed, adjustable grind. With 30 grind settings, this grinder can handle everything from French press to stovetop espresso; it even works with the Gaggia Classic Pro's pressurised portafilters. Of course full-on espresso grinding is a breeze for the MD15 when paired with the Presso MD15 Shim Mod.

It's well built with a robust stainless steel housing and is versatile, affordable, and easy to use.


Gaggia MD15 features & specifications

  • High quality materials and unique grinding performance
  • Stainless steel conical burrs
  • 30 grind settings
  • Quantity selector (timer)
  • Possibility to grind pre-set quantities and on-demand
  • User interface with led and rotary knob for easy usage
  • Removable bean hopper with 300gr capacity
  • Ground coffee container 150gr
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Bean hopper capacity: 300g
  • Burr Material: Stainless Steel
  • Body Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions (mm): 354 H x 225 W x 151 D
  • Weight: 2.11kg
  • 1 Year carry-in warranty

    *Damage incurred on any item due to poor water quality/power surges/load shedding and/or the likes are not covered by factory warranties/guarantees, and cover for such instances are for personal/home/business insurance cover.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Shawn P.
    Gaggia Md15 with shim mod

    At first with store beans. Not great, couldn’t bring fine enough in finest setting. When purchased fresh beans from roasters the md15 with shim mod is more than sufficient paired with gaggia classic pro. Very happy. Grinder still has four clicks available. Was worried the cheap spend may not give desired results. But ultimately coffee levelled up and in my opinion as good or better than all the local coffee shops. Awesome service from Latte art as well. Happy purchase and recommend for any normal home coffee person. I dont regret it at all and saved some money. Is it the best grinder, no. Does it have its flaws. Yes. Does it grind adequately to make a great good coffee espresso at an affordable price, yes. Grinder does retain coffee and you need to tap to get it all out. Bit messy but for the cost you won’t be sorry. If you can afford a better grinder then go for it. Happy purchase for me though.

    Marco V.
    MD15 Review

    Doesnt grid super fine with presso shim. One can add a few paper spacers to get the grind even finer. Works best with dark roast beans but overall quality is in line with the price

    Brad O.
    Gaggia MD15 coffee grinder

    Grinder works really well. I am happy with it but the Gaggia classic coffee machine I bought from a different supplier is really bad. Not the suppliers fault just the Gaggia classic is not a good machine. I was expecting so much more. I bought it on special but it turns outvto be a 2019 model with none of the more recent upgrades. Very unhappy.

    Great value for money

    If you plan to make espresso, you need to install the optional shim.

    Rene S.
    Time to PLAY...

    What a fun little contraption.
    I was hesitant at first, but after a bit of tinkering (I do suggest obtaining the 'upgrade' parts) and honing the grind I am pleasantly surprised!
    And to boot, it's nice and compact (Can take it on local holidays even!)
    I'm really happy with this purchase and will enjoy making great coffee for a long time!!!
    Service was TOPS too!!