Filters for Aeropress Coffee Press 350s

R 127.00

Filters for Aeropress Coffee Press 350s is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Excess bitterness in coffee typically comes from over heated water, coffee fines (micro granules), and over extraction. The AeroPress Micro coffee filters do their part by removing coffee fines and sediment from the brew, and so minimizing excess bitterness.

How to Use : Like any coffee filters, its recommended to rinse the coffee filter with hot water immediately before use. This will removes loose paper fibres or flavours making their way into the cup.

The sturdy and durable AeroPress has fast become the cult brew method of coffee lovers in South Africa and abroad. A perfect companion whether You're out and about or in and within.

What makes the AeroPress coffee maker so uniquely special?

Its patented dual brewing method is highly advanced. It’s this staged dual brewing method (immersion then pressure) that allows you to consistently extract more flavour quicker than any other manual brewing method such as pour over drippers, plunger coffee or french press, syphon, Italian mocha pot.

Stirring freshly ground coffee into hot water allows the coffee time to swell, and agitate and absorb into the water. Then plunging pressurizes the brew, evenly extracting more flavour in under a minute.

This method is a mimic of what the most expensive espresso use to produce rich, smooth flavourful coffee and what makes the AeroPress™ a favourite in South Africa and even amongst World Barista Champions like Tim Windlebow and Gwylim Davies. There’s even a World AeroPress Coffee Championship, where all the best barista’s in the world wield very technical recipes to dial in the perfect cup.

The micro-fiber filter papers removes all sediment and fines to ensure a perfectly clean cup, unlike Italian mocha pots and plungers/french press. Its light, compact, and made from BPA free food safe plastic making the AeroPress™  the perfect travel partner or office desk side coffee maker.

Features & Specifications :

  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Faster 2-3times faster that pour over dripper / french press / syphon
  • Less sediment than Italian mocha pots & French press.
  • Versatile. Unlike alternative manual brew methods that demand very specific coarseness of grind to work, the AeroPress is less sensitive to grind size making it workable with any size coffee grind.
  • The AeroPress coffee plunger shines up any roast style, from acidic coffees to darker bitter coffees.
  • Durable
  • Non electric
  • Easy cleaning