Bialetti Moka Express Moka Pot Espresso Maker (Stovetop)

R 715.00
Type: Coffee Maker

This is so espresso (express in Italian) that all required is that You fill the bottom with water (up to the valve), loosely load the filter basket with Your choice of freshly ground coffee and put your Moka Express on medium to high heat and You're on your way to a yummy brewed espresso. "Rinse-to-clean" means that this is an easy and nice-to-have item with no fuss on the cleaning and maintenance side of owning nice things. It being the good old aluminium however, does not allow for use on an induction stove unlike the Bialetti Venus but still works as well as it always did on electric and gas stovetops or out on camp. Did we say nice to have? A must to own, simple to make, and Beautiful to drink ... sip sip ...